Soma Chand

Soma Chand

Teacher (LKG)

Class teacher (all subjects)

Soma Chand is a member of the Kalyani Welfare center since 1994. She had her beginnings from her birthplace- Gori (in Himachal Pradesh), being from a family where every generations have army men, she had her strict upbringings from her father Hon’ Lieutenant Chamanlal Pathania. She had her schooling from Children’s Academy, Dehradun. She later pursued Bachelor of Arts & Master of Economics from MKP Dehradun.

As she moved to Jamshedpur after marriage, she decided to pursue her career of being a teacher and her skills were embedded as she was very understanding and imparted great values to her students. She has truly enjoyed her journey with the toddlers. she has been persistent at Toddlers’ Den since 1996.Being with children and teaching them is an important part of her daily schedule and even in the lockdown times she kept the same spirit up on video conference calls, she’s truly a kids’ lover and has made many kids bloom over the years.

Patience 100
Communication 100
Imaginative thinking 100
Leadership 100