Mrs.Vibha Kumar
Qualification: MBA ( HR)

Principal's Desk

Teaching is a rewarding job. And we do our bit to guide young bright minds to grow up and become successful adults. After their homes, it is the school where a child spends some of their most formative years.

At Toddlers’ Den, we guarantee a warm and loving environment to nurture the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of the child. Other than the teaching staff, we also have caretakers and ayahs on board with us to take care of the children & keep the school premises clean.

With the global pandemic confining everyone to their homes, regular classes as we know have been suspended for an indefinite period. These are testing times indeed, and Toddlers’ Den has managed to work its way around this crisis! We are proud to introduce to you, the official school website wherein parents can have all the information they need online. As an educator, I understand the need to keep up with the times. In this fast-paced world, technology is our only support to stay ahead and grow.

Other than launching a website, we have also shifted all the classes online. All our pre-nursery, nursery, and LKG classes are being conducted virtually over Zoom calls for this year and later. For the future, we want to continue this model of teaching until things get back to “normal”.Each of these classes will stretch up to half an hour.  The class curriculum and lesson plans will be shared with the parents well in advance. We would encourage the parents to join us for the lessons to make these sessions more interactive and fun.

The online classes will be fun and activity-based for half an hour wherein we sing songs, identify objects, learn about fruits and vegetables, and all sorts of other interesting things. Virtual education, though not as effective as face-to-face interaction is the best alternative that is available to us. Let us make the most of it and ensure that the kids and their parents have fun while learning some very important life lessons. I wish everyone health and happiness Until then, stay safe, wear your masks, and maintain social distancing. We shall overcome this crisis and emerge stronger than ever. Good luck!

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